Piccolroaz with its collaborators is determined to develop the business with the strict implementation and the guarantee that the quality and the security offered through the products are the best investment for the future.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the customer, Piccolroaz can provide a strongly customized service, characterized by original solutions of production, finish and colors, according to the surrounding and the destination of the fireproof door.
Factors that lead the company to take a position of leadership in the supplying of fireproof doors in the main sectors.

because the fire doors are constantly subjected to strict tests, in order to guarantee an absolute safety level

because it is conscientious about environmental issues, uses natural material and water-based transparent varnishes

because thanks to the modern equipment and the craftsmanship experience, each product is a unique and exclusive creation

because it is always on the search of new material and wood species to renovate the fireproof doors and to always be innovative


The comfort of a room starts with a good door, that allows to leave noises on the hallway letting the host to completely relax.

The absolute safety level, the environmental awareness and the unique design come together in the production of Roaz fireproof doors. An Item that adapts to any type of architecture offering satisfaction to multiple needs.

The comfort of a room starts with a good door, that allows to leave noises on the hallway letting the host to completely relax. That is why, that from the several years experience in the production of fireproof doors, the Hotel line was created. The Hotel line was tested and certified to satisfy the comfort, elegance and safety requirements that demand hotel facilities, sound insulation certified by the norms UNI EN ISO 140/3 – UNI EN ISO 717/1.

The Pirama Roaz doors are strictly certified and validated according to the national norm UNI-CNVVF 9723 and to the new European norm EN 1634-1, in the fire resistance categories EI 30, REI 60, EI2 60, REI 90, REI 120 and EI2 120.

Why wood?

The Wood is the most versatile construction material that exists in Nature.

It is renewable, sustainable, energy-efficient and it turns into a usable component, easy to work with, doesn’t pollute the environment, has a variety of excellent physical and mechanical properties. It has low deformation during fire exposition and a slow and controllable burning, which makes it totally reliable and appropriate for the fire door construction.

Properly treated and bound to other materials, guarantees more than any other material a high performance, in terms of protection, as well as in aesthetic value.

because it is focused on the marketing needs and carries out significant investments in the technological development research.

because it certifies and approves the entire production according to the current law.

because it reproduces with total fidelity historical artefacts through handicraft professionalism and modern technology.

because it operates in a small context, where professionalism and the concept of carpentry are still important.


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